Creating a Proper Breastfeeding Pumping Record Sheet

free printable breastfeeding pumping record sheet template

breastfeeding pumping record sheet template

For new mums that just have their newborns, keeping track of everything that they do to the baby or what the baby is doing, is crucial for the development of the baby too. By using a breastfeeding pumping record sheet, you will be able to record and keep track of a lot of different things, such as how much milk was pumped (the quantity), the time of each bottle (this can be tracked by labeling them), last time the baby was fed with the milk, or when the baby was fed by using a mix of milk powder (and the time), and many more. If you want the record to be nice and organized, you can even create one in Microsoft Excel.

Since Excel already has the features that you need, you only have to create tables with rows and columns to track all your breastfeeding pumping activities on the record sheet. Keeping this kind of record is important for the baby as you will want to know how much more weight the baby has gained and also during a doctor visit. The doctor might as you about the pattern of when you feed the baby, etc. By keeping track of the pumping and the time when you feed your baby, it can be helpful if the doctor needs more information in regards to the baby’s health.

Every time you go and visit your doctor or pediatrician, you should bring along your breastfeeding pumping record sheet so you could show it to the doctor. The record will be able to help determine if your baby is growing at the right pace or if anything needs to be changed to keep your baby healthy, not underweight or overweight. The health of your baby is the main priority, which is why keeping a track record of the pumping and how much milk they usually take is important as well. If you are interested in a template of this kind of record sheet, you can download one for free by clicking on the link provided at the bottom of this page.

Breastfeeding Pumping Record Sheet Template | Excel – download

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