What Happens when an Employee Breaks the Violation of a Discipline Warning Letter?

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A warning letter is usually issued to employees that violate the rules of the company. However, what happens to employees that break or violate their discipline warning letter? There could be a lot that might happen. They could receive another (last) warning letter from the...

When is The Right Time to Issue a Warning Letter for Verbal Altercation?

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In the working world, there are a lot of things that could happen between 1 employee with another. If there are altercations that could lead them to a verbal fight, then a warning letter for verbal altercation can be issued by the management. Usually, this...

When to Use an Address Change Notification Letter?

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If you are going to change your living address from one location to another, you will have to make sure that you notify the authority especially if you are living in Indonesia. An address change notification letter can be created that will include the current...

What to Include in a Job Leave Exit Interview Form?

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When someone in the company is going to leave their position and resign from their job, the admin from the HR Department should give them an exit interview before they leave the company. There are a few things that should be included in a job...

Tips for Writing a Recommendation Letter for Employee

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An employee reference letter is also known as a recommendation letter. This letter was created to describe how the character of employees, their achievements and support for them. A recommendation letter for employee is made by HRD, manager, or mentor. This recommendation letter is usually...

How To Make a Recommendation Letter For Student

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One of the requirements to enter a university or company is to use a letter of recommendation. A letter of recommendation is usually made by a teacher who testifies that the student is part of the academic. The recommendation letter serves as a file that...

How to Create Recommendations Letter Template for Job

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Writing a recommendation letter template for a job especially for an employee or also a coworker is something that will be your big responsibility. As the letter that you write could make or even break their job applications. That’s why, if you want to write...

Simple Reference Letter Template Word

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Why do you need to use a template for your work? As you can see, our time is different now, you will be able to do anything so fast and simple, and that’s why you need to use the template because this is a modern...

How To Write a Request For Time Off Form

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After being tired from work, it feels like we want to take time off for a few days. Usually, the company gives leave to its employees which can be used at any time. The leave allowance given by the company is different from the day...