What is a Delivery Receipt?

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Depending on the purpose of the delivery receipt itself, it can be a document that confirms the delivery of goods, services, or even messages. Usually, when you ordered something online, the package that comes to your house will need some acknowledgment for the documentation of the delivery service courier vendor. Most of the time, you will have to sign the receipt that states you have received the goods. You will also get a copy of the receipt along with the one that is kept by the courier for their documentation too.

By signing the receipt and acknowledging that you have received the goods, the courier will also be able to notify the tracker or the sender that the goods have safely arrived. A delivery receipt can be a helpful tool for any kind of dispute if needed in the future. Other than for personal use, this type of receipt can also be used in businesses where 1 party would send goods to another. The receipt will be attached to it (as a hard copy) and the soft copy can be sent through by email too. If you don’t have a template already to create this kind of receipt for your company, you can download one for free and edit them to suit your needs.

Couriers can also provide you with a delivery receipt. Some of them do charge an extra fee though if you want more than 1 copy of the receipt (you might need them for your clients or customers too). If there is any problem with a shipment or sending of goods, this kind of receipt will be able to help since it will have the exact time when the goods arrived, etc. Some companies use their automated mailing system to help send out their receipts. This can also be a good option so you don’t have to create them manually anymore. For an example of this type of receipt, you can download one for free at the bottom of this page by clicking on the download link provided.

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