4 Items Included in a Hiring Checklist

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A recruitment process must be conducted seriously. This phase has a huge influence on the quality of human resources in the company. Every company knows that finding high-quality workers is not easy so that it must be selective in hiring and recruiting. To help you find the best candidate, there will be some items included in a hiring checklist.

  1. Identification

It is essential to cope with the needs of employees to work. You should put an identification list on the checklist. It must be reliable and appropriate for the company needs regarding the company’s reason to open the job vacancy. It is helpful to recognize the positions and number of employees required during recruitment. In an identification process, you must determine the level of job, qualification, and capability of employees before conducting recruitment.

  1. Process Planning

After conducting an identification process for the hiring checklist, it is time to do process planning about the selection process conducted. The plans must include a job desk, specifications, skills, and test methods to get high-quality employees.

  1. Method

If you have included those things, a hiring and recruitment process can continue by opening a job vacancy. There will be two methods to do. Those are closed and opened methods. A closed method is usually limited in a company scope only like promotion and mutation of the employees. Meanwhile, an open method is that a company opens a recruitment process broadly. You should put this method in a hiring checklist so that you know the recruitment process of the company.

  1. Column for Scores

You can do some recruitment phases for getting the best candidate. There will be some phases of the recruitment like tests and interviews. You should make columns for accommodating scores for interviews and tests. From the columns, you can find the whole scores of both tests. Then, you can determine the best candidate suitable for the company.

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