Home Renovation Checklist—Planning and Preparation

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home renovation checklist template

Renovating a house can give you a headache. There are so many things to do, and the renovating process can take a long time. If you don’t plan and keep track of the whole process, you will lose a lot of money.

This is why preparing a home renovation checklist is essential. This might be a trivial thing, but it can save you a lot of time and money during the remodeling process.

Make A List of Non-Negotiable Things

So, what needs to be included in the checklist? First of all, make sure that the list contains non-negotiable things, something that your remodeled home cannot live without. If you are unsure, you can list everything down first. Then, compare it with your budget. Get rid of the unnecessary things or the things that can wait. By making a checklist and comparing the content with your budget, you can see which aspects are more critical and which ones aren’t.

The essential thing in a home renovation is not the pretty walls or the bigger bedroom. Mechanicals, plumbing, and electrical are the ones you should worry about. The renovation must improve that system, and you should put them in the first part of your checklist.

Furthermore, you also have to consider how extensive the renovation will be. Do you plan to demolish the old building and build a new one? Or do you only need to change the paints and the wallpapers to create a unique atmosphere? You have to plan this from the get-go.

Accessories and Final Touches

After listing the non-negotiable things, you can move on to the accessories. This is the fun and exciting part of renovating a house. You can write down whether you want a new chandelier, sofa, or cabinet for the kitchen. Once again, write them down in your home renovation checklist to help you stay on budget.

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