How to Prepare a Homeschool Report Card

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homeschool report card template

So, you have decided to homeschool your children? Nowadays, many parents have realized the benefits of homeschooling for children’s development. The kids will have more time to explore their talents because they don’t have to follow the strict curriculum of regular school.

If you think that homeschooling is the best decision for your children’s future, then there is one thing that you need to prepare at the end of every semester—a homeschool report card.

Why Write Homeschool Report Card?

Just like regular school students, homeschooling students also need to receive a report card. In some states, the law even requires the parents to write an annual report about their children’s academic progress. So, this is enough reason to start recording your children’s achievements in their studies.

Furthermore, a report card can motivate the children to do better in their studies. As a parent, you also can keep track of your children’s progress. If you find that your children need some help in certain subjects, you can immediately take action.

How to Write Homeschool Report Card?

Regular schools usually have provided their teachers with a report card template. The teachers only have to fill out the report card according to each student’s progress and achievement.

As a parent of a homeschooled student, you will need to prepare a homeschool report card. There is no rigid standard on how a homeschool report card should look so that you can make it according to your needs.

The report card must include the activities you created for the kids during the academic year, the grades, and feedback on how the children can improve. You can make it fun, and the report card doesn’t have to be too formal. You also can take a look at the report cards on this page for inspiration. You also can customize them and make something that you and your children like.

Homeschool Report Card Template | Excel – download

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