The Benefits of Hourly Timesheet for Small Company

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An hourly timesheet is an essential tool for small companies that hire hourly employees. It will simplify employee timekeeping and the payroll process. If you are a small business owner that wants to level up your payroll technique, make sure to use this timesheet.

The Benefits of Hourly Timesheet

The main benefit of an hourly timesheet is more straightforward payroll processing. As your business grows, you will have more employees, and it will be much more challenging to keep track of your employees’ working time. By incorporating a timesheet into your payroll processing, you will not underpay your employees.

Hourly timesheets also will increase the morale of the team. Your employee can work in peace knowing that they will get fair pay. Everything is recorded, so there will be no room for errors. Furthermore, by monitoring your employees’ working hours, you will know which person works hard and which one needs more motivation in working.

An hourly timesheet can also be used to bill your clients. If you bill your clients hourly, a timesheet will remove any doubts and questions. It means the timesheet will make you look more credible in front of your clients.

Digital or Paper?

Both digital and paper timesheets can be helpful for your company. You need to pay attention to what your company needs. Paper timesheet is cheaper, and it is suitable for a small company. You will need more time examining the timesheets when the payday comes, but at least you don’t have to spend an extra budget.

If you envision your company growing more prominent and having more employees, you might want to invest in the digital timesheet. Digital timesheets can be linked directly to the payroll software. This is suitable if you prefer automation for your company. Of course, you will need to spend more money to get the technology, but it is an excellent way to improve time efficiency.

Hourly Timesheet Template | PDF – download

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