First 5 Minutes Newborn Apgar Scoring Chart

free printable blank newborn apgar scoring chart template excel

newborn apgar scoring chart template

Apgar score is usually done by the doctor that helped the birth of a child (newborn). This type of test is usually done to make sure the condition of the baby is healthy and can live or adapt to the world (outside of the womb of the mother) well. Usually, they will use a newborn Apgar scoring chart to keep track of the physical test of the newborn. The test is done on the first minute the baby was born and on the 5th minute too. The highest the score, the better condition the newborn is. A high Apgar score can be a measurement that the baby is healthy after being born by the mother.

What is an Apgar score? APGAR stands for Activity, Pulse, Grimace, Appearance, and Respiration. A newborn Apgar scoring chart consists of these 5 matters and the score will be from 0-2. 2 will be the highest number which means the baby is in a good condition, while 0 is the lowest score where the baby maybe has no response, no movement, or no pulse. The doctor will check the activity of the muscle for the baby, the heart pulse, the response reflex, the color of the skin or body, and the respiratory system of the baby too.

In a newborn Apgar scoring chart, a score higher than 7 means that the baby is in perfect condition, while a score between 5 or 6 means that the baby is less healthy and might need help with their respiratory system, and a score below 5 means that the baby must have resuscitation help from the hospital or the doctor that is taking care of her or him. In certain cases, when the newborn is in critical condition, they will re-do the Apgar test on the 10th minute, 15th minute, and 20th minute to maintain the condition of the baby. For an example of an Apgar chart, you can click on the free link provided at the bottom of this page.

Newborn Apgar Scoring Chart Template | Excel – download

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