What Happens when an Employee Breaks the Violation of a Discipline Warning Letter?

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A warning letter is usually issued to employees that violate the rules of the company. However, what happens to employees that break or violate their discipline warning letter? There could be a lot that might happen. They could receive another (last) warning letter from the...

When is The Right Time to Issue a Warning Letter for Verbal Altercation?

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In the working world, there are a lot of things that could happen between 1 employee with another. If there are altercations that could lead them to a verbal fight, then a warning letter for verbal altercation can be issued by the management. Usually, this...

What is a Delivery Receipt?

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Depending on the purpose of the delivery receipt itself, it can be a document that confirms the delivery of goods, services, or even messages. Usually, when you ordered something online, the package that comes to your house will need some acknowledgment for the documentation of...

Is it Important to Follow Your Daily Medication Schedule?

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If you are taking more than 1 medication, you should create a daily medication schedule to help you keep track of all the drugs that you have to take. It is crucial that you know the exact time or when you have to take your...

How to Keep a Child Medication Log for Your Kid

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If your kid is not feeling healthy or unwell, you probably will have to give them medicine to help them feel better. Whether you are going to give them some medicine by buying them from the pharmacy or prescription drugs prescribed by their pediatrician, you...

First 5 Minutes Newborn Apgar Scoring Chart

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Apgar score is usually done by the doctor that helped the birth of a child (newborn). This type of test is usually done to make sure the condition of the baby is healthy and can live or adapt to the world (outside of the womb...

Benefits of Using a Children Daily Activity Schedule for Your Kids

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These days, with many kids learning and studying online from home, there are a lot of parents that are struggling with the big change especially in their time management with their activities during the day. By creating a children’s daily activity schedule, you will be...

What You Need to Know About a Picnic Party Flyer?

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If you are going to have a picnic party with your friends and family, you can create a nice and creative picnic party flyer that you could send to all of them to invite them to the event. These days, with everything that is going...

When to Use an Address Change Notification Letter?

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If you are going to change your living address from one location to another, you will have to make sure that you notify the authority especially if you are living in Indonesia. An address change notification letter can be created that will include the current...

The Importance of an Employee Record Change Form

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Managing the database of all employees is important especially for the Human Resource Department of a company. If any changes are needed to be done, any employee should fill-in an employee record change form before any changes are done on the system of the company....