Free Printable Recruiting Checklist Template

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Recruiting checklist template is a gift that you can download easily. When you have to make a recruitment checklist, you may spend lots of time, because there are many things that you need to write down. It will make you feel so exhausted. That’s why...

What you Need to Know Recruitment Checklist Template

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A recruitment checklist template is a to-do list, in which you can list down everything and all the important things and also detail that you need to do or you can follow when you want to recruit any new employee. The checklist is something like...

Simple Reference Letter Template Word

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Why do you need to use a template for your work? As you can see, our time is different now, you will be able to do anything so fast and simple, and that’s why you need to use the template because this is a modern...

Relationship Contract Template for Couples

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As a couple, it’s recommended that each of you should be in the possession of the relation contract, whether you are legally married or not. The relationship contract template is the item that you might need if you want to make a relation contract. The...

Simple Rent to Own Contract Template

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Many families dream of having their own house. This is the part of the human dream everywhere. Having a house could mean everything for some people. That’s why the rent to own contract template will come as the good thing to make that dream comes...

What is the Rental Application Form?

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A rental application form is usually used by the landlords to help in assisting a potential tenant’s background and history before they giving the lease for a property. If you are a landlord or even a realtor, the application forms will make it easier in...

Website Provide a Rental Application Template

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If we want to rent a property, of course, we have to make a rental application. A rental application is a resume that shows that you are eligible as a tenant. Because many property owners have a strict selection regarding property tenants. So we have...

Tips for Making a Great Rental Contract Form

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When we have a property that can be rented out, then we need to make a rental agreement. The lease agreement is the beginning when we want to rent out one of our properties to foreigners. After previously discussing the rental price, the tenant immediately...

Free Download Rental Inspection Checklist Template

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As homeowners, we are obliged to carry out inspections of the houses we rent. But we are also obliged to notify the tenant that we will carry out an inspection. If we are going to do a rental inspection, of course, we need a list...

How To Write a Request For Time Off Form

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After being tired from work, it feels like we want to take time off for a few days. Usually, the company gives leave to its employees which can be used at any time. The leave allowance given by the company is different from the day...