Creating a Property Management Inspection Checklist Template

free printable property management inspection checklist template pdf

property management inspection checklist template

When we rent out a property, of course, we will do an inspection. A property owner will inspect at a certain time.

For example, when the tenant has expired and is moving immediately. We as property owners will carry out inspections.

The purpose of the inspection is to ensure that the property we rent is still in good condition. For tenants, inspections also have a positive purpose, namely to increase confidence that they are tenants who can take care of themselves.

You need a property management inspection checklist template to inspect the property you rent.

Inspection checklist functions as data that contains properties and things included in it that are used by tenants.

Usually, tenants and landlords have to discuss what they get when renting a property. Examples include the furniture in it.

The Purpose of Creating a Property Inspection Checklist

The main purpose of making an inspection checklist is to review the goods and properties that we rent.

We must ensure that the property we rent is still in good condition. In addition, we also need to check the entire room in which there is a lot of furniture.

So we need a record that contains what furniture is included in the rental property. This inspection can be held when the tenant is about to move.

So if there is damage to certain components, we can ask for responsibility from the property tenant.

Things to Check in the Property Inspection Checklist

Before you do a property inspection, you should write a list of what items we should check. The following are things that must be included in the property inspection checklist:

  1. Floors and Walls

Check the floor and walls. Are there moldy walls or faded paint? You also need to check the floor, whether the ceramic is broken or not.

Check if there are stains left on the wall or floor area. Make sure the stain can be removed with a certain liquid.

  1. Electric

Check the power supply and make sure that the outlet is working properly. You also need to check whether the doorbell is still functioning properly.

Try turning on all the lights in the room and try electricity elsewhere. Make sure the power supply is still normal and there is no short circuit.

  1. Cooling and Heating

Make sure the cooling and heating devices are functioning properly.

  1. Door

Make sure the door can still be closed properly. Also, check the key if it can still work.

  1. Window

Make sure the hinges and locks are intact and usable. Also, make sure there is no cracked glass.

  1. Toilet

Check the toilet if it can still be flushed. Turn on the faucet and check the room for humidity.

  1. Bedroom

Check the bedroom walls and floors. Turn on the lights and look at the interior.

that’s why we should use the property management inspection checklist template. So that we can check the entire room without missing anything and make sure the condition of our property is still in good condition and functioning properly.

Property Management Inspection Checklist Template | PDF – download

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