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Technological developments affect many things in the trading world. Especially about the purchase order form.

Almost all businesses must have a purchase order form. The purpose of making a purchase order form is to make it easier for consumers to buy an item.

However, the purchase order form also makes it easier for sellers to record the goods to be sent. As a seller, you can use a purchase order template as a purchase form.

The template is ready for you to use, so it will simplify the buying and selling process later. Customers can fill out forms online when shopping.

Purpose of Making Purchase Order Form

When buying online, of course, we want the goods to be delivered according to our wishes. Therefore, as sellers, they are required to make a purchase order form that makes it easier for us to make transactions.

The purchase order form will make it easier for consumers and sellers because the data will be visible. This minimizes the occurrence of shipping errors.

In the purchase order form, there is also a transaction ID and invoice number. This is very helpful for consumers to track where the goods are ordered.

Main Elements in Making Purchase Order Form

Several main elements in the purchase order must be filled by consumers. So we as sellers are required to provide a form that is ready to be filled out by consumers.

In general, purchase orders have the same format. It contains detailed information about products and shipping.

The following are important elements in a purchase order:

  1. Seller Information

Provide the store name and store address in the purchase order form. Also, add the store’s phone number so that later if there is a complaint it can make it easier for consumers.

  1. Shipping Information

Also, write down the shipping method and how much the shipping cost. If the delivery service payment has been paid off, you can write “PAID” in that section.

  1. Buyer Information

Of course, this is very important! Write the buyer’s name with the full name. Don’t write with nicknames or unfamiliar ones.

If there is no clear name, the courier will have difficulty finding the consumer’s home address. So make sure to provide your full name.

  1. Order Number

This is a unique code that the seller generates. Add a unique code to the purchase order.

  1. Item Description

Also, describe the goods to be sent including the price. If the goods are easily broken, the seller must include writing or a label that says “FRAGILE”.

This is very important so that the goods are not damaged during the journey.

  1. Shipping Address

Write down the customer’s shipping address. Write from address to postal code.

  1. Delivery Date

Enter the date of delivery of the goods and the estimated arrival of the goods

  1. Order Date

Sellers can also add order dates. Purchase order template already have all order formats. So the seller just needs to fill in the data completely.

Purchase Order Template | PDF – download

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