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real estate closing checklist template

Buying a house is one of the most difficult decisions. Because house prices are getting more and more expensive. The process of buying a home is also time-consuming and complicated.

Because there are many steps that we have to go through to buy a house. Including the bidding procedure, closing date, and important conditions for proceeding with the transaction.

If you hire a lawyer then the process of closing a home purchase can go quickly. Before we buy a house, it’s a good idea to check the property we want to buy.

You can use the real estate closing checklist template to review the property you want to buy. The goal is that all the processes you go through are following the procedures and the house you buy is exactly what you want.

A real estate closure will usually take place when the house is almost completely purchased. Real estate managers usually provide an opportunity for potential homeowners to inspect their entire home.

What are the contents of the Real Estate Closing Checklist?

The process of buying a house is usually a long and complicated procedure. One of them is to create a real estate closing checklist.

You can check the house and whatever you want. Here are the contents of the real estate closing checklist that we must understand:

  1. Resolving Contingencies

The most frequent contingencies are financing, home inspections, and appraisals. Before the offer closes, you can complete some of the above.

Mainly a matter of price and home inspections. You can inspect your prospective home thoroughly. What is still lacking can be a record for the manager.

  1. Home Inspection

If you decide to buy a home, it is very important to do a home inspection. The inspection aims to find out the problems that occur in the house.

For example, there are wall fungus or other things. Home inspections are also an opportunity so you can learn about the contents of the house, including the furniture.

Starting from the electrical system, water pipes, roofs, building structures, windows, floors, and others. If the inspection is complete, you can record it in the real estate closing checklist.

  1. Loan Assessment

If you buy a house with a loan, the lender can survey your home.

They will assess the price of the property you buy and ensure that the house you buy is at a fair price.

  1. Final Mortgage Approval

Before the closing ends, the lender will provide a loan agreement. In the letter, it will be written that you receive a loan according to the price of the real estate you want to buy.

If the lender can guarantee this, then you qualify as a mortgage borrower.

  1. Buy Insurance

Insurance is very helpful when unexpected events happen to our homes. It is important to consider purchasing insurance that has the same value as our property.

Using a real estate closing checklist template can help you check what to do before buying a new home. So you can go through the process easily and quickly.

Real Estate Closing Checklist Template | PDF – download

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