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recommendation letter for student

One of the requirements to enter a university or company is to use a letter of recommendation. A letter of recommendation is usually made by a teacher who testifies that the student is part of the academic.

The recommendation letter serves as a file that can highlight the character of a student so that it can make it easier for him to register for school.

Making a recommendation letter for student is not difficult. Because this letter can help them in their application to enter a new career or academic.

Purpose of Making Recommendation Letter

Letters of recommendation are made by teachers to help their students enter a new chapter of life. Usually, a letter of recommendation is needed when a student applies to college or works for a company.

Letters of recommendation can be made by mentors, lecturers, or teachers. In essence, a letter of recommendation can strengthen the character of students who want to enter a new academic program.

Teachers can understand students from spending a few years together. Therefore, the recommendation letter made by the teacher has strong credibility.

How to Write a Recommendation Letter?

Here are some steps and things to include in a letter of recommendation. These things can be considerations that have strong value.

Here’s how to compose a letter of recommendation:

  1. Provide Academic Information

The first part of the recommendation letter is that we provide academic information about the student. We can write down what their GPA, academic achievements, and extracurricular activities are.

You can also ask related students about the purpose of writing a letter of recommendation. Whether to enter college or for their career. Because the letter that the teacher made will help them.

If students want to apply for jobs, then you can see the resumes they have created. So you can understand their strengths.

In the letter of recommendation, you can also write an identification of how the student was successful. This can be related to the value of their lessons while in school.

  1. Write the appropriate address

You can ask students who the letter is for. so you can create a more personalized letter of recommendation to help our students.

For example, you can send a letter to the head of the department, director, or manager. Usually, students already have an idea of ​​who the letter of recommendation is addressed to.

  1. Introduce Yourself

You also need to include your data and your qualifications. Explain who you are and your position at school. So that you are qualified to make a letter of recommendation.

You can also describe your relationship with students. For example, you are the homeroom teacher or the principal.

You can also write down your first impression of this student. So explain in detail how your academic relationship with your students is.

Recommendation letters for student are very important because they can support them to enter a new academic program or work. We can make it so that our students can achieve their goals.

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