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If we want to rent a property, of course, we have to make a rental application. A rental application is a resume that shows that you are eligible as a tenant.

Because many property owners have a strict selection regarding property tenants. So we have to be able to make a rental application to convince the property owner to rent it to us.

If you are still confused about how to make it, then you can use a rental application template that you can directly print and send to the landlord.

Creating a rental application is also not difficult because you only need to explain who you are and what your credibility is.

Make a Rental Application

It is important to make a rental application because this letter will persuade the host to rent the property to us. Especially if we like the property because it suits our needs.

It’s natural for hosts to want to select who their tenants are because they also want to keep their property safe.

So if we make a rental application, we can convince the landlord that we can take good care of the property.

In addition, explaining our credibility is also the main consideration for landlords to provide property to us for rent.

Make a Rental Applications

If we are still confused about how to make it, don’t worry, there is a template ready for you to use. Generally, rental applications have several important parts that you must include.

The following are important parts of the rental application:

  1. Write Detailed Information

Write down detailed information about you. Starting from the name, occupation, work address, gender, age, pet, number of vehicles, and rental history.

You can explain everything on the rental application. You also need to provide a rental history, whether you have rented a place before.

Explain how your job is because the landlord will also judge from the credibility of your work whether you can pay the rent or not.

If you have a pet, then explain that too. Don’t hide this fact, especially if the landlord doesn’t allow pets.

If you explain from the beginning, then it can be their consideration.

  1. Create Reference Letters

You can create a personal reference letter from an acquaintance. This reference letter can explain that your behavior is good and you are ready to protect the landlord’s property.

  1. Salary Slip

You also need to prepare a payslip. The goal is for landlords to see that you can afford to pay rent with your monthly salary. Of course, this is a consideration for them.

  1. Explain Why You Want to Rent

You can also explain the reasons why you want to rent the property. For example, because the contract period in the old house has expired or you want to find a bigger house.

It’s better if you explain honestly so that the landlord will consider you to be a tenant.

You can use a rental application template that you can directly send to the landlord to apply for a rental property.

Rental Application Template | Word – download

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