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When we have a property that can be rented out, then we need to make a rental agreement. The lease agreement is the beginning when we want to rent out one of our properties to foreigners.

After previously discussing the rental price, the tenant immediately decides to rent your property. The lease agreement is a mandatory thing at the time of the rental transaction.

You can make a rental contract form before deciding to rent out your property. So that everything can run safely and your property remains in good condition.

The Importance of Making a Rental Contract

It is very important to make a rental agreement because it benefits both parties. For you homeowners, a rental agreement is a guarantee for your home to keep it safe and in good condition.

As for the tenants, the lease agreement serves as their protection so that the landlord cannot evict them while the contract period is still valid.

So making a rental contract is something that must exist before we decide to rent out one of our properties.

Important Things for Writing Rental Contract

The following are important things that must be included in the rental agreement:

  1. Tenant and Host Contact

The first thing that should be in the rental agreement is the contact information of both parties. You need to enter information regarding the tenant.

Starting from their name, occupation, phone number, identity card number, and email. Similarly, you must also write down your contact as the host.

This rental agreement will be kept by you and the lessee. So write down clear information.

  1. Write Specific Properties

Write down the property you are renting out. Such as the address, the condition of the house before it was rented out, whether there was any damage in certain parts, and write down all the equipment that you rented out.

Explain what furniture is on your property that they will use in the future. Note the condition of the furniture.

  1. Rental Terms

If you want to make rental terms, then make them wisely. Make rules for tenants so they can keep your property safe.

  1. Rent

Write down the amount of rent whether it is done for a month or year. Write down the cost and whether you charge extra.

You can discuss this with the tenant whether he wants to rent monthly or annually. Provide a policy on rent.

  1. Due Date and Payment Method

You need to set a due date. For example, the tenant wants to pay monthly, then you can specify a due date.

In addition, also specify the payment method, whether you want cash or bank transfer. This is important written in the rental agreement.

  1. Write down the Obligations of both Parties

Write down the obligations of the tenant and landlord. The tenant should maintain the property and you should provide services.

That’s how to create a rental contract form that is ready for you to use before renting out property to other people.

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